Nutech VsCMS 6600 VOCs Continuous Monitoring System – For 117 VOCs Target

VsCMS 6600 consists of Nutech 6600 online Preconcentrator and Thermo Fiser Trace 1310 ISQ/FID (Agilent/Shimadzu/PE equivalent products are optional). Through the front-end low-temperature pretreatment like impurities removal, enrichment and concentration, the sample enters into the detector for analysis to realize online continuous monitoring of more than 100 VOCs.

Technical Data

Detection Method: GC-FID/MS

Zero Noise: ≤0.05nmol/mol

Detection Limit: <0.1ppb

Precision: RSD<5%

Accuracy: ±10%

System Residue: ≤0.1nmol/mol

Sampling Rate: 5~120ml/min (customizable)

Maximum Heating Rate: 100°C/sec

Temperature Control Accuracy: ±2°C

Compounds Measured: C2~C12 VOCs

System Drift: 24-h concentration drift: ±0.5 nmol/mol. After 30d continuous operation, FID concentration drift≤15%, MS concentration drift≤30%; retention time drift≤0.5min.

Resolution: Resolution of cyclopentane and isopentane, 2,3-dimethylpentane and 2-methylhexane, and o-xylene and styrene≥1.0.

Clock Error: The instrument is tested for 6 hours under normal working conditions and the clock error is ±20s. The instrument is tested for 6 hours when the IPC is powered off 3 times in total and the clock error is within 2min.

Standard Curve: The correlation coefficient of the standard curve of the target compound is ≥0.98; use the standard curve to calculate the lowest point concentration, and the relative error between the measured average value and the standard value is ≤15%.


Nutech 6600 Preconcentration System

1. The unique low temperature preconcentration technology effectively concentrates the target compounds to be measured and realizes rapid thermal desorption, which greatly improves the lower detection limit and meet the detection requirements of VOC species in low or ultra-low concentration air.

2. Cryogenic water treatment technology effectively removes water and CO2 from the sample air, which greatly improves the peak shape, extends the life of chromatographic column and ion source.

3. The integrated design of the dewater cold trap and enrichment cold trap, with a short sample line and constant temperature, helps to increase the recovery of VOCs species.

4. With an independent internal and external standard interface, it can automatically collect internal and external standard gases. It has a reference analysis method (editable), and supports two quality control modes: quality control by online dynamic standard gas dilution and quality control by standard gas in SUMMA canister.

Gas Chromatography

1. Operating Temperature Range: 3°C to 450°C above room temperature; temperature control precision: 0.1°C; Program temperature rise: 26 steps / 27 platforms; maximum temperature rise rate: 125°C/min; column oven cooling time: less than 4min (room temperature 22°C) from 450°C to 50°C; temperature stability: 0.01°C/1°C.

2. EPC (Electronic Pressure Controller): Pressure range: 0~ 140psi; full pressure control accuracy: 0.001psi; maximum split ratio: 11000:1.

3. Split/Splitless Inlet: instant connection module design, the user can replace the inlet module at any time; maximum operating temperature: 400°C.

4. FID Detector: modular design, rapid replacement of the detector within 2 minutes; maximum operating temperature: 450°C; minimum detection limit: <1.4 pgC/s; linear range: 107; data acquisition frequency: 300Hz.

Mass Spectrometry

1. Ion source: Integrated ion source component design, including repeller, ion box and lens group; Integrated, same direction, dual filament assembly design with filament lens protection, effectively adjust the emission current. The filament is protected by lens to avoid contamination when the sample is ionized.

2. S-shaped Curved Ion Optical Channel: The S-shaped curved ion optical channel has an RF lens protective sheath to prevent it from being contaminated.

3. Quadrupole Mass Analyzer: All-metal molybdenum primary quadrupole, inert, uniformly uncoated design, polishable and washable. Mass range: 1.2 – 1100 u; Resolution: Full mass resolution per unit mass; Scan speed: 20,000 u/s.

4. Detector System: A new generation of discrete electron multipliers and electrostatic meters with a maximum linear output current of 68 µA and a wide linear dynamic range of up to 8 orders of magnitude.

5. Vacuum System: air-cooled high-vacuum molecular turbo pump with high pumping speed. The pumping speed of the molecular turbo pump is 280L/s (He), and the pumping speed of the front mechanical pump is 3.0 m3/h.

Chromatography Workstation

1. With bar graph and contour graph data acquisition capability.

2. Provide full scan, selected ion scan and full scan/selected ion scan alternate scan (>100 groups).

3. Can control each scan’s scanning speed, scanning range, ion polarity, bar graph or contour graph acquisition, emission current, detector gain, chemical source gas flow rate, and specified tuning files.

4. With AutoSIM and t-SIM functions.


FID Channel

Mass Channel

Recommended Configuration for Complete Monitoring System

Besides the analysis unit, Nutech can offer the whole VOCs continuous monitoring system including the sampling unit, the analysis unit, the data collection and transmission unit, quality control unit, gas source unit and other auxiliary products.

Sampling Unit 
Sampling Tube (with heat tracing)NST100Standard and Customizable
Analysis Unit
VOCs Online Analyzer6600Standard, LTP+GC-FID/MS, PAMS+TO15+OVOCs
Data Collection & Transmission Unit 
Data Collection UnitN6600 V1.0Standard.
Quality Control Unit  
Precision Dynamic Dilutor2202BStandard. Can be purchased locally.
Standard Gas – Internal Standard 4 SpeciesNSG-ISStandard. Linde.
Standard Gas – PAMS 57 SpeciesNSG-PAMSStandard. Linde.
Standard Gas – TO15 65 SpeciesNSG-TO15Standard. Linde.
Standard Gas – OVOCs 13 SpeciesNSG-OVOCsStandard. Linde.
Gas Source Unit
High Purity Hydrogen GeneratorNHG300Standard.
Zero Air GeneratorNAG1000Standard.
High Purity NitrogenNG-N2Standard. Purchased locally.
High Purity HeliumNAG-HeStandard.
Other Auxilliary Equipment
Meteorological SensorNTPL100Optional.
CabinetN6837Optional. Customizable.

This table is the list of standard configuration of VsCMS 6700 VOCs species continuous monitoring system recommended by Nutech, which can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

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