Nutech Instruments attaches great importance to user service. We has a solid service system and experienced engineer team to enhance the user’s application experience through high-quality after-sales service. Our services include product installation and commissioning, maintenance and training consultation, etc. We can use on-site or remote services as required.


Nutech or its authorized partners are responsible for the installation and commissioning of the products they sell, with the exception of a few products that do not require on-site installation and commissioning and those specifically described in the contract that do not require installation and commissioning services.

Most of our products are precision analysis instruments which require suitable operating environment. Before notifying Nutech to provide installation and commissioning services, please ensure the correct operating conditions of the products to save your valuable time.

The installation and commissioning services should be booked at least 3 working days in advance.


The standard warranty of the product is 12 months. The product failure is repaired free of charge during the warranty. The product is repaired for its lifetime, but the maintenance beyond the warranty will be charged. Nutech’s maintenance team or partners have experienced service engineers who can repair and maintain all laboratory and analytical equipment for you.

We encourage users to purchase yearly extended warranty service, which can include on-site service, parts and unlimited phone service.

Our global maintenance services have the following advantages:

The phone service can be replied within 24 hours and on-site services can be scheduled as required.

For the products in the policy, we will use the original parts of Nutech to maintain the life of the equipment.

Free software updates can be made if technical conditions permit.


Nutech academic school courses are held at intervals for distributors and users in Texas campus.

During installation, users will be trained with relevant technical materials provided.

Remote technical support is available during the product lifecycle.

Customized training can be provided if necessary. For example, you can assign operators to Nutech®’s laboratories for technical training.

The technical information on the official website is available to users.