Nutech PCGC-TOF VOCs Online Analysis System

Nutech PCGC-TOF VOCs Online Analysis System

The Nutech PCGC-TOF VOCs Online Analysis System is suitable for continuous real-time online monitoring of C2~C12 volatile organic compounds. The unit is capable of covering PAMS and EPA TO-15 target compounds.  It is ideal for use with monitoring ambient air quality around industrial plant perimeters or near chemical industry parks.

Technical Data

Measurement Range0.1 ~1000ppb
LinearityRSD< 5%(More than 90% compounds)
PrecisionRSD< 3%
Temperature Control Accuracy±2%
Maximum Heating Rate350℃/min
Sampling Rate5 ~ 120ml / min
Voltage110V/60Hz or 220V/60Hz±10%
Operating EnvironmentTemperature:10℃~40℃; Humidity: 20-90%RH
Maximum Power0.6kW


1. On the basis of low temperature preconcentration and chromatography separation technology, flight mass spectrometry technology is introduced to solveS the problem of difficult separation of some target compounds.  It can also enhance the qualitative and quantitative capabilities, and improve the accuracy/stability of the instrument.

2. The mass spectrometry detector is used for the identification of compounds not found in the standard calibration mix.

3. PC control, built-in user login, equipment safety alarm, operation log, real-time data collection, transmission, automatic recording and storage, and data support in the form of reports, historical data, Atlas query and power-off memory.


Nutech PCGC-TOF VOCs Online Analysis System Chromatogram