Nutech NCMS 6300 THC & NMHC Continuous Monitoring System

NCMS 6300 is mainly used for the continuous monitoring of THC & NMHC in ambient air, which consists of sampling unit, analysis unit (including pretreatment), data collection and transmission unit, quality control unit, gas source unit and other auxiliary equipment.

The analysis unit is the core module of the NCMS 6300 NMHC continuous monitoring system, which adopts the 6300 analyzer with unique LTP (Low Temperature Preconcentration) technology.

Technical Data

Detection Method: LTP+FID

Detection Limit: NMHC: 0.5ppb;

Precision: RSD<±2%

Accuracy: ±5%

Analysis Time: <15min

Data Interface: 4~20mA,0~5V DC,RS232,ethernet port

Response Range: total gaseous organic compounds except methane; methane

Working Gases: 99.999% N2 (carrier gas, makeup), 99.999% air (combustion gas), 99.999% H2 (fuel gas)

Working Conditions: Temperature 10°C~40°C; RH: 20%~90%

Voltage: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz±10%


1. The low temperature preconcentration technology increases the air sampling volume to 500-1000mL, lowers the detection limit of NMHC to sub-ppb level (ordinary FID responds to 1 ppm of air VOC), and meets the detection requirements of low or ultra-low concentration air VOC.

2. The 6300 effectively removes the water in samples and separates NMHC and methane by using composite adsorption filters, based on Tenax adsorbent and appropriate flow control. The treated sample can then be directly analyzed by FID. The test results have better quality than those of general gas chromatography and catalytic oxidation subtraction methods.

3. The FID detector has good response, wide linear range, and automatic real-time self-test function. High precision EPC controls the working gases (N2, H2 and zero air).

4. Use MFC to accurately control the flow rate, ensuring the accuracy of test results.

5. Measurement range: 0.5ppb~10000ppb (standard sampling volume), adjustable.

6. Automatic dilution calibration function. A single concentration of standard gas can achieve a linear calibration of the instrument, and the correlation coefficient of the calibration curve R2 ≥ 0.999.

7. Off-line analysis of samples in the canister is available to extend the range of applications.

8. PC control, real-time data acquisition and transmission, automatic recording, storage, and support of QA/QC reports. With historical data (including graph) query function, the system can automatically save and restore data if the power is cut off unexpectedly.


Recommended Configuration for Complete Monitoring System

Besides the analysis unit (6300 THC & NMHC analyzer), Nutech can offer the whole THC & NMHC continuous monitoring system including the sampling unit, the analysis unit, the data collection and transmission unit, quality control unit, gas source unit and other auxiliary products.

Sampling Unit 
Sampling Tube (with heat tracing)NST100Standard and Customizable.
Analysis Unit
NMHC Analyzer6300Standard, LTP+FID.
Data Collection & Transmission Unit 
    Data Collection UnitN6300 V1.0Standard
Quality Control Unit  
    Standard Gas (Methane/Propane)NSG-CH4/C3H8Standard.  Can be purchased locally.
Gas Source Unit
High Purity Hydrogen GeneratorNHG300Standard.
Zero Air GeneratorNAG1000Standard.
High Purity NitrogenNG-N2Standard.
Other Auxilliary Equipment
Meteorological SensorNTPL100Optional.
CabinetN6837Optional. Customizable.

This table is the list of standard configuration of NCMS 6300 THC & NMHC continuous monitoring system recommended by Nutech, which can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

Nutech 6300 Onsite Pictures

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