Nutech Ambient Air Continuous VOCs Monitoring Solutions

Nutech offers several solutions to monitor VOCs in ambient air based on different monitoring targets and different technologies.

NCMS 6300 is for THC & NMHC continuous monitoring using LTP + FID technology.

VsCMS 6500 is for PAMS compounds continuous monitoring using LTP + GC-FID technology.

VsCMS 6600 is for 117 VOCs species Continous monitoring using LTP + GC-FID/MS technology.

  • Nutech’s Continuous VOCs Monitoring System Used in a Roadside Station

Working Principle of Nutech Continuous VOCs Monitoring Systems

The ambient air enters into the sampling unit of the continuous monitoring system at a constant flow rate. The VOCs are enriched and pretreated by low temperature trap, and then separated by gas chromatography through thermal desorption and detected by hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID) or mass spectrometry detector (MS). Therefore, the concentrations of total hydrocarbons (THC), non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC) and each VOCs species are obtained.

Nutech Ambient Air Continuous VOCs Monitoring Solutions

3 Solutions for 3 Monitoring Targets

Monitoring TargetTHC & NMHC57 PAMS Compounds117 VOCs Species

PAMS + TO 15 + OVOCs

ModelNCMS 6300VsCMS 6500VsCMS 6600

Nutech VOCs Online Monitoring Products

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NCMS 6300 THC & NMHC Online Monitoring System

One of the most accurate online THC & NMHC monitoring systems on the market

VsCMS 6500 VOCs Online Monitoring System

For 57 PAMS Compounds

VsCMS 6600 VOCs Online Monitoring System

For 117 VOCs Species coupling with GC-MS