Nutech 2703 Automatic Air Sampling Device

Nutech 2703 VOC Sampler

The Nutech 2703 VOC sampler is an ideal product for automated air sampling. It is useful for standard environmental testing, scientific research, and 3rd party monitoring. Features include: an integrated timer, flow control, pressure reading, leak checking, auto QA/QC, a smartphone app with access to full system control.

Compared with its predecessor 2701, the updated 2701 integrates the current limiter, timer and vacuum pressure gauge in one controller which makes it the most advanced air/gas sampler on the market.

2600ST Desktop and Vertical

Nutech 2600ST VOC Sampling System – for Fixed-site/Stationary Air Sampling

The Nutech 2600ST is the world’s first fully automatic air sampler for collecting air samples in both canister and DNPH, an advanced solution in air sampling for environmental testing, scientific research, and 3rd party monitoring.

It comes with 2 configurations for different sampling situations. Desktop configuration normally used in desktop situation that needs to be connected with an external computer to control. While vertical configuration is vertical and integrated design that offers fodable pads to hold the canisters. It is equipped with steering wheels for easy movement and a built-in tablet computer to control and thus no need to connect to external computer.

Nutech 2600GT Carry-on Automatic Multifunctional Sampling System

Nutech 2600GT Carry-on VOC Sampling System

The 2600GT is a VOC sampling product which can bring great convenience to users. It supports both canisters and DNPH, and it is convenient to carry.

Sampling Media

Summa Canister

For Low Concentration

Tedlar Bag

For High Concentration

Nutech’s VOCs Analysis & Monitoring Product Lines

We offer the most comprehensive VOCs analysis products on the market.

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Nutech 3000 Portable NMHC Analyzer

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NIST Using Nutech's 8910 Preconcentrator
Nutech's VOCs Analytical Products at US Nuclear Industrial Zone 2

Customer Testimonials

The Nutech 3000 TVOC Analyzer that we rented was a truly remarkable product. It gave us the ability to use the 3000 in multiple locations due to portability and battery operation. The locations did not have readily available power. We were able to confirm our reading rapidly at our stack outputs. We were able to take reading in multiple other locations here at the plant to find out where we were getting a higher VOC readings. The 3000 allowed us to adjust our process to lower the VOC output.

This machine was truly portable which allowed one person to use the 3000 and take very fast reading without the help from others. This was really the best thing because some of the places that the instrument was used at our plant were just big enough for one person.

Tim Sansing , Texas Lehigh Cement Company LP

The meter’s sensitivity and state-of-the-art technology gave me capabilities that weren’t possible with other machines. Not only did it provide lightning-fast test results, but the meter heated up quickly and maintained rock-solid stabilization during readings, meaning that I didn’t have to spend as much time and labor monitoring and fixing different factors that could cause inaccuracies. With the results I’ve received in the use of this instrument, I know that long term use of this meter would help our company save revenue and manpower without sacrificing quality because of its speed and accuracy.

What we found is this meter, with its capabilities, along with its small and portable design, has truly surpassed all of our expectations and needs. Even more importantly, the cost of the unit compared against its capabilities is very low given the high costs of other FID units on the market.

Evert Jacobson, Cambrian Innovation, Inc.

We have evaluated the analyzer with our own technical staff, we can say that it has a much higher quality and technological superiority than other analyzers used in the market in general.

Hasan ŞANLIER, Pronitron Analitik Cihazlar San. Tic. Ltd

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