Nutech 7000 NMHC Analyzer

Nutech 7000 THC & NMHC Analyzer

The Nutech 7000 THC & NMHC Analyzer is applicable to laboratory analysis of methane and non-methane total hydrocarbons in ambient air or an industrial plant perimeter (sampled in Summa canisters).

Features of Nutech 7000 NMHC Analyzer

1. The low-temperature preconcentration technology allows for an air sampling volume of 500-1000mL, which reduces the detection limit of NMHC to sub-ppb level (ordinary FID responds to 1 ppm of air organic matter). Detection requirements of low concentration or ultra-low concentration VOC in the ambient air can be readily achieved.

2. The 7000 can effectively remove water and separate non-methane total hydrocarbons and methane by using composite adsorption filter based on Tenax adsorbent and appropriate flow control. Once analyzed by FID detector, the test results are of higher quality than those of general gas chromatography and catalytic oxidation subtraction method.

3. Special FID detector with good response, wide linear range and automatic real-time self check function.

4. The 7000 can seamlessly connect with different specifications (1 / 3 / 6 / 15L Summa canisters). It can expand the sample inlet or select an automatic sampler to obtain automatic and continuous sample analysis of multiple samples with good responses.

5. High precision MFC is used to accurately control flow volume and velocity, ensuring the reliability of test results.

6. Simple operation, avoiding manual operations such as syringe injection and other possible errors. Reduces labor intensity of the analyst, improves work efficiency and ensures the accuracy and precision of the data results.

7. PC control, real-time data acquisition and transmission, automatic recording, storage, and support QA/QC report. With historical data (including atlas) query function, the system can automatically save and restore data if the power is cut off unexpectedly.

Technical Data of Nutech 7000 NMHC Analyzer

Test MethodFID
Measurement Range0.5 ppb to ppm level
Analysis Time<15min
GasUltrapure N2,H2 or Air
Maximum Power1000W
Voltage110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz±10%
Operating EnvironmentTemperature:10℃~40℃; Humidity: 20%~90%RH

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