Nutech PCGC Online Preconcentrator

Nutech 6600 Online Preconcentrator – Liquid Nitrogen Free

Nutech’s 6600 online preconcentrator is used in conjunction with commercial GC FID/MS or other detectors to realize online real-time monitoring of  C2~C12 VOCs in ambient air/factory boundaries. The monitoring targets cover more than 100 volatile organic compounds such as PAMS compounds, EPA TO-15 compounds, aldehydes and ketones.


1. The unique low temperature (-30°C) preconcentration technology effectively concentrates the target compounds to be measured and realizes rapid thermal desorption, which greatly improves the lower detection limit and meet the detection requirements of VOC species in low or ultra-low concentration air.

2. Cryogenic water treatment technology effectively removes water and CO2 from the sample air, which greatly improves the peak shape, extends the life of chromatographic column and ion source.

3. The integrated design of the dewater cold trap and enrichment cold trap, with a short sample line and constant temperature, helps to increase the recovery of VOCs species.

4. With an independent internal and external standard interface, it can automatically collect internal and external standard gases. It has a reference analysis method (editable), and supports two quality control modes: quality control by online dynamic standard gas dilution and quality control by standard gas in SUMMA canister.

6600 Online Preconcentrator with GC-MS

6600 + GC-MS

6600 + GC-MS forms our 6600 online VOCs monitoring system

Nutech PCGC Online Preconcentrator + GC-MS