Nutech 6000-S CH4 & NMHC Online Analyzer

Online CH4 & NMHC monitoring for industrial enterprises such as petroleum and petrochemical, chemical, cement and building materials, rubber products, biopharmaceuticals, industrial coating, packaging and printing, electronic information, synthetic materials, textile printing and dyeing, solid/hazardous waste disposal, landfill and other stationary source emissions.


1. Collect samples at high temperature and the sample is transmitted by heat tracer, effectively avoid condensation and water blockage.

2. Adopt quantitative tube + special adsorption to separates methane to ensure accurate test results.

3. Innovative sample pretreatment technology can effectively avoid the interference of fine particles, acid and alkali, moisture, carbon dioxide and other compounds in the exhaust gas.

4. The mature FID technology that is internationally used (American and European standards) and has a good response to almost all volatile organic compounds with a wide linear range and stable data.

5. High degree of automation and good compatibility: PC program control, automatic selection of measurement range, ignition, fuel shutdown, flameout indication, and automatic calibration and zero adjustment; user can select fuel, automatically define and convert continuous measurement range and multiple sequence operation.

6. Support QA/QC report; compatible with operating systems such as Win7/10 and various data acquisition and management platforms.