Nutech 3608L Autosampler

The Nutech 3608L autosampler features 16 inlet positions that bring Nutech’s automated analysis capabilities to a wide variety of vacuum sampling canisters and Tedlar® bags. The 3608L autosampler easily connects to our 8910 Preconcentrator for the automated analysis of VOCs in canisters with US EPA TO-14A, TO-15A and China EPA HJ 759 and HJ 1078 requirements.

Typical Configuration

Nutech 3608L Autosampler Features

1. Compatibility

Compatible with different types and specifications of sampling canisters on the market. Equipped with Nutech’s ETC adapters, it can easily connect with Tedlar bags, syringes, and sampling bottles.

2. Fully Automatic Sampling

Up to 16 sampling canisters can be analyzed in accordance with EPA Methods TO-14A and TO-15A. The automated system can be programmed to set the order, duration, and volume of the sampling sequence. The system can be upgraded to parallel injections with dual detectors to improve efficiency.

3. No Pollution

The inner wall of the pipeline is silanized. The system has the functions of automatic leak checking, heating and backflush. The system minimizes contamination and carryover of samples, and ensures sample accuracy and precision.

4. Ergonomic Design

High quality wheels and a stable base allow for easy movement. Canister-support platforms can be closed, saving laboratory space.

3608L Predecesor Models

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Nutec 3603 Autosampler

Nutech 3603 Autosampler

Onsite Pictures of Nutech 3608L/3610/3603 Autosampler

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