Nutech Instruments is glad to announce that our Nutech 3000 Portable THC & NMHC Analyzer (Nutech 3000 Portable TVOC Analyzer) obtained Korea type approval  with excellent performance on the rigorous tests. Among the very few certified models in Korea, Nutech 3000 is the most lightweight and accurate one.

Certificate Cover

Test Report Cover

The type approval test contains lab test and field test. Below is Nutech 3000’s performance on these tests:

  1. Minimum detection limit is 1.0% or less of the measurement range: 0.0% (pass)
  2. Repeatability is less than 2% of the measuring range: 0.3% (pass)
  3. Zero drift should be less than 2.0% of the measuring range: 0.0% (pass)
  4. The span drift should be less than 2.0% of the measuring range: 0.6% (pass)
  5. The linearity should be 5.0% or less of the reference concentration value.: 2.1% (pass)
  6. The response time should be less than 5 minutes.: 20sec (pass)
  7. The effect on ambient temperature change should be less than 5.0% of the measurement range: 0.6% (pass)
  8. The stability against voltage fluctuations should be less than 1.0% of the measurement range: 0.4% (pass)
  9. Comprehensive performance test: The value compared with the standard equipment should be less than 20%: 16% (pass)

The type approval is applied by our Korean distributor APM Engineering Co., Ltd which is one of the most reputable instrument distributors in Korea. They spent tremendous efforts in obtaining the type approval and we really appreciate their contribution.

About Nutech 3000 Portable THC & NMHC Analyzer

Nutech 3000 is the latest generation of portable TVOC analyzer for stationary emission source & fence line. With catalytic oxidation & double FIDs technology, it can monitor both THC & NMHC at the same time. It is the most portable and easy-to-use TVOC analyzer in its kind.

It is suitable for both stack VOC emission monitoring and fugitive VOC emission monitoring.

Detailed Introduction of Nutech 3000

Nutech 3000 Portable THC & NMHC Analyzer Field Pictures

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Wastewater NMHC testing at a beer producer