Nutech 3000 Portable NMHC Analyzer-1

Nutech 3000 Portable THC & NMHC Analyzer

The Nutech 3000 THC (Total Hydrocarbon) & NMHC (Non-Methane Hydrocarbon) Analyzer is suitable for portable monitoring of TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), CH4 (Methane) and NMHC in exhaust gas of industrial facilities.

Features of Nutech 3000 THC & NMHC Analyzer

1. Highly Integrated and Portable

  • Miniaturized or lightweight components such as miniature hydrogen bottle are used, with the total weight less than 26lb (including catalytic module).
  • It is equipped with a backpack and a handle, which can be easily transported and put into use.

2. Easy to Use

  • Large capacity battery (45ah) lasts for up to 6 hours without recharging; embedded touch screen terminal control, Wi-Fi communication, and a user-friendly interface. Users can control the instrument within 33ft of the site through the touch screen terminal. Data results can also be downloaded and read at a later date.

3. High test efficiency

  • The preheating time of the system is less than 5 min.
  • The new catalyst is used with high conversion efficiency (≥ 95%), fast gas path cleaning speed, which supports continuous and uninterrupted measurement.
  • Double FID and automatic flow path ensuring the fastest analysis time.

4. Controllable process and accurate results

  • Minimal loss of samples under high temperature (tracing over 200 ℃) and humidity.
  • The sampling tube is resistant to high temperature and corrosion, and contains filtering device to effectively filter particles and avoid sample pollution and adsorption.
  • The high-precision EPC and FID detectors independently developed are used to control the flow accurately.

5. Powerful Data Processing Functions

  • Data file automatic recording and storage, historical data query, reprocessing and printing functions; display and time label functions; data report functions.

6. Expandability

  • The user can adapt the heat tracing pipeline as required.
  • Can expand to test flue gas data

Technica Data of Nutech 3000 NMHC Analyzer

Test MethodCatalytic Oxidation + Double FID
Measurement Range0~10/100/1000/10000mg/m³
Detection Limit≤0.07mg/m³
Conversion Efficiency≥95%
Linear Error±2%(CH4
Recovery Rate of Standard Addition±20%
Analysis Time1-999 seconds ajustable
Operating EnvironmentDC24V or AC(220±10%)V/(50±2%) Hz, -20℃~50℃, <95%RH Operating Range