Nutech 3000 Portable NMHC Analyzer-1

Nutech 3000 Portable THC & NMHC Analyzer / Portable VOC Analyzer

The Nutech 3000 THC (Total Hydrocarbons) & NMHC (Non-Methane Hydrocarbons) Analyzer is suitable for portable monitoring of TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), CH4 (Methane) and NMHC in stationary source emission and fence line.

Technology Principle

TVOC can be represented by THC or NMHC. The Nutech 3000 adopts catalytic oxidation + double FIDs technology to simultaneously analyzes THC & NMHC.

The sample gas is introduced to the analyzer by 2 channels. FID 1 analyzes the concentration of THC (total hydrocarbons) of the gas sample in channel 1. And the catalytic oxidation module oxidizes the NMHC (non-methane hydrocarbons) into CO2 and H2O in channel 2 and thus FID 2 only analyzes the concentration of methane. The concentration of NMHC can be calculated by concentration of THC subtracts the concentration of methane.

Concentration of NMHC = Concentration of THC – Concentration of CH4

  • THC only version is also available

Features of Nutech 3000 THC & NMHC Analyzer

1. Lightweight & Integrated Design

  • Highly integrated design to ensure the total weight within 12KG (including catalytic module, metal hydride cylinder, battery, zero air generators, etc)
  • Analyze THC & NMHC at the same time in one single unit.
  • Equipped with a backpack and a handle, which can be easily transported and put into use by one person.

2. Easy to Use

  • Large-capacity battery (45Ah) power supply, which can run for a long time even without utility power on site.
  • Operated by a detachable touch screen terminal with Wi-Fi communication and a user-friendly interface. Users can control the instrument and read test results within 50m (164ft) of the site through the detachable touch screen terminal.

3. High Test Efficiency

  • The preheating time of the system is less than 5 min.
  • New catalyst is used to achieve high conversion efficiency (≥95%)
  • Double FID design and can measure both THC & NMHC continuously at the same time without the need to switch gas flow. It can deliver NMHC test results as fast as every second.
  • Fast gas path cleaning speed.

4.Most Accurate Test Result

  • From the sampling tube to the FID detector, the whole process is high temperature heating to avoid condensation loss of high temperature and high humidity gas samples.
  • The sampling flow path is silanized (a special surface treatment technology to make the surface utmost inert), resistant to high temperature and corrosion, and contains a filter device to effectively filter particles to avoid sample contamination and adsorption.
  • High precision EPC and FID are adopted to ensure accurate flow control and accurate measurement.
  • Support automatic & manual purge function to keep the system clean and thus deliver more accurate test results.

5. Powerful Data Processing Functions

  • Data file automatic recording and storage, historical data query, reprocessing and printing functions.
  • Test data can be exported in Excel file.

7. Lowest Running Cost in Its Kind

  • H2 is supplied by mini built-in metal hydride cylinder with very low pressure and thus is safe and easy to handle and transport. The metal hydride cylinder is recyclable.
  • Zero air is supplied by internal pump. No need disposable zero air bottle.
  • Also support external gas cylinder

8. Wide Applications

  • Applicable in VOCs measurement in stack (high concentration), inside the factory (medium concentration), outside the factory/fence line (low concentration).

9. Expandability

  • The user can adapt the heat tracing pipeline as required.
  • Can expand to test flue gas data

Technica Data of Nutech 3000 THC & NMHC Analyzer

Test MethodCatalytic Oxidation + Double FID
Measurement Range0~10/100/1000/10000mg/m³ (Extendable)
Detection Limit≤0.04mg/m³
Conversion Efficiency≥95%
Linear Error±2%(CH4
Recovery Rate of Standard Addition±20%
Analysis Time1-999 seconds ajustable
Operating EnvironmentDC24V or AC(220±10%)V/(50±2%) Hz, -20℃~50℃, <95%RH Operating Range

Typical Applications

Environmental inspection and law enforcement by government regulator

VOCs testing by commercial testing companies

Effectiveness evaluation of VOCs control measures

Self-inspection of VOCs emissions from chemical, printing and dyeing, spray painting companies

On-site detection and supervision of kitchen oil fume

On-site comparison with the results of online VOCs analyzer to determine whether the online analyzer’s result is accurate.

VOCs emission detection of combustion device exhaust

Application Pictures

Stack VOCs Emission Monitoring

Fugitive VOCs Emission Monitoring

Fugitive VOCs Emission Monitoring

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