Nutech 3000 Portable NMHC Analyzer-1

Nutech 3000 Portable NMHC Analyzer

The Nutech 3000 NMHC (Non-Methane Hydrocarbon) Analyzer is suitable for portable monitoring of TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), CH4 (Methane) and NMHC in exhaust gas of industrial facilities.

Features of Nutech 3000 NMHC Analyzer

1. Highly Integrated and Portable

  • Miniaturized or lightweight components such as miniature hydrogen bottle are used, with the total weight less than 26lb (including catalytic module).
  • It is equipped with a backpack and a handle, which can be easily transported and put into use.

2. Easy to Use

  • Large capacity battery (45ah) lasts for up to 6 hours without recharging; embedded iPad control, Wi-Fi communication, and a user-friendly interface. Users can control the instrument within 33ft of the site through the preset software iPad. Data results can also be downloaded and read at a later date.

3. High test efficiency

  • The preheating time of the system is less than 5 min.
  • The new catalyst is used with high conversion efficiency (≥ 95%), fast gas path cleaning speed, which supports continuous and uninterrupted measurement.
  • Double FID and automatic flow path, with analysis time < 2 min.

4. Controllable process and accurate results

  • Minimal loss of samples under high temperature (tracing over 120 ℃) and humidity.
  • The sampling tube is resistant to high temperature and corrosion, and contains filtering device to effectively filter particles and avoid sample pollution and adsorption.
  • The high-precision EPC and FID detectors independently developed are used to control the flow accurately.

5. Powerful Data Processing Functions

  • Data file automatic recording and storage, historical data query, reprocessing and printing functions; display and time label functions; data report functions.

6. Expandability

  • The user can adapt the heat tracing pipeline as required.
  • The standard gas cylinder and hydrogen gas cylinder can be reused, and the consumables such as activated carbon purification pipe and ignition wire in FID can be replaced.

Technica Data of Nutech 3000 NMHC Analyzer

Test MethodCatalytic Oxidation + Double FID
Measurement Range0~10/100/1000/10000mg/m³
Detection Limit≤0.07mg/m³
Conversion Efficiency≥95%
Linear Error±2%(CH4
Recovery Rate of Standard Addition±20%
Analysis Time1-999 seconds ajustable
Operating EnvironmentDC24V or AC(220±10%)V/(50±2%) Hz, -20℃~50℃, <95%RH Operating Range