Nutech 2203 Precision Static Dilutor

Nutech 2208 Precision Static Dilutor

Nutech 2208 precision static dilutor is suitable for diluting high concentration gas standards into low concentration working gas standards, making the process automated and reproducible. It is widely used in laboratory standard gas configuration.

The 2208 is also suitable for diluting high concentration gas samples to fall within the calibration range of the analytical instrument.

Static Dilution

Means of preparing calibration mixtures in which standard gas(es) and diluent gases are added to a fixed-volume vessel or chamber at a known ratio. Standard and diluent gas amounts may be measured gravimetrically, by volume, and/or by pressure differential from pressurized cylinders or as neat materials and blended with a known amount of diluent gas (such as humidified zero air) in a mixing chamber or manifold

Application Notes

Nutech 2208 Precision Static Dilutor schematic

Nutech 2208 Precision Static Dilutor Features

1. Independent standard port and sample port respectively for standard dilution and sample dilution, fundamentally eliminating cross-contamination.

2. First stage dilution exceeds 1000 times, secondary-stage dilution exceeds 10,000 times, meeting the analytical needs of trace samples.

3. All pipelines, flow paths, and valve undergo inert treatment to ensure stability during the dilution process.

4. High-precision MFC and pressure sensors are used as dilution control units to avoid data deviation caused by excessive flow due to pressure difference control alone.

5. With 8 Channels, 6 for standard gas, 1 for dilution gas and 1 for secondary standard gas. Different standards can have their dedicated channels.

6. Equipped with sample dilution function, handling high-concentration samples.

7. The customized software has a high degree of automation. It automatically checks the initial pressure and calculates the dilution factor based on the final pressure input, and is easy to operate.

8. The instrument has automatic leak detection function, effectively preventing dilution failure caused by gas leaks.

9. The gas flow paths are heated to prevent condensation and adsorption, ensuring stability in gas dilution.

10. The instrument has purging function for purging and rinsing of the flow path, ensuring dilution accuracy.

11. The instrument has a built-in calibration module for automatic calibration and validation.

On-site Pictures of 2208 Precision Static Dilutor

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