Nutech 2203 Precision Static Dilutor

Nutech 2203 Precision Static Dilutor

Nutech 2203 precision static dilutor is suitable for diluting high concentration gas standards into low concentration working gas standards, making the process automated and reproducible. It is widely used in laboratory standard gas configuration.

The 2203 is also suitable for diluting high concentration gas samples to fall within the calibration range of the analytical instrument.

Static Dilution

Means of preparing calibration mixtures in which standard gas(es) and diluent gases are added to a fixed-volume vessel or chamber at a known ratio. Standard and diluent gas amounts may be measured gravimetrically, by volume, and/or by pressure differential from pressurized cylinders or as neat materials and blended with a known amount of diluent gas (such as humidified zero air) in a mixing chamber or manifold

Application Notes

Nutech 2203 Precision Static Dilutor Features

1. Using a multi-stage dilution process, the Nutech 2203 can reach a maximum dilution factor of 10,000 X, allowing for percent-level analysis on trace-level instruments.

2. The 2203 uses a high precision flow control system and pressure sensor for dilution control. Compared with differential pressure instruments, the precision of dilution is higher.

3. The 2203 is highly efficient with its gas usage. One 110L standard gas can fill over 1,800 6L canisters.

4. The customized software has a high degree of automation. It automatically checks the initial pressure of the sample tank and calculates the final dilution factor based on the final pressure input, and is easy to operate.

5. The 2203 has dedicated lines standard and sample dilutions. The sampling lines and valves are silanized, minimizing the unit’s potential contamination of subsequent samples.

Nutech 2203 Precision Static Dilutor Technical Data

Number of Channels6
Maximum Dilution Times10000
GasUltrapure Nitrogen or Zero Air
Pressure of Gas0~35 psig
Operating EnvironmentTemperature: -5~50℃; Humidity: 0-95%RH
Voltage110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz ±10%
Operating SystemWindows XP/7/8/10

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