Nutech 2104 Canister Cleaning System

Nutech 2104 Canister Cleaning System

The cleanliness of the canister is very critical to the overall accuracy of the detection of VOCs in the sample.

EPA Methods TO-14A and TO-15 require sampling devices be clean down to sub-ppbv level.  The newly release EPA TO-15A dictates a much more strict requirement on the cleanliness of the canister than TO-15 published in 1999: from 0.2 ppbv at 30 psig to ≤0.020 ppbv (≤20 pptv) at 0 psig. The 2104 canister cleaning system is suitable for meeting these requirements. It is able to clean SUMMA canisters of various sizes (1/3/6/15L) as well as Tedlar bags.

Application Notes

Features of 2104 Canister Cleaning System

1. Dual pumps (Turbo Pump and Diaphragm Pump) are custom designed, with the final vacuum pressure reaching less than 5mTorr.

2. The 2104 is capable of automatic humidification, leak checking, and easy operation.

3. The 2104 uses dedicated software, capable of multiple rounds of cleaning as well as customized final vacuum or pressure. This automation will allow chemists to focus on other lab work, improving laboratory efficiency.

Technical Data

Maximum Vacuum≤5mTorr
Number of Canisters4 or 8(customizable)
Heating ModeHeating Belt (Standard), Oven (Optional)
Cleaning GasUltrapure Nitrogen or Zero Air
Voltage110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz±10%
Operating EnvironmentTemperature:-5~50℃; Humidity: 0-95%RH
Maximum Power1kW
Operating SystemWindows XP/7/8/10

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2104 Canister Cleaning System

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