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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

The Holiday Season reminds us of our many blessings and the gratitude we feel for our many loyal customers. It has been our privilege to serve you over the years and we thank you for your continued patronage. Nutech Instruments will be closed Friday December 24th 2021 and Friday December 31st 2021.

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Nutech Instruments Attended 2021 Environmental Measurement Symposium in WA

Nutech Instruments made its presentation on 2021 Environmental Measurement Symposium in State of Washington. The Symposium brings together scientists and managers from federal and state agencies, the regulated community, academia, and laboratory and engineering support communities. It features presentations, posters, and exhibits. It enabled us to meet some customers in person.

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Nutech Instruments Products Present on ENVEX 2021 Korea

Nutech Instruments is proud to have our VOCs analysis and monitoring products presented on ENVEX 2021 in Korea via our dedicated distributor. International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy (ENVEX) is an event featuring environmentalist and green technology industries. This event shows product from Power, Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation, Environment &

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Nutech 3000 Was Presented at Japan Air Cleaning Association Conference

On the 38th Annual Technical Meeting on Air Cleaning and Contamination Control held by JACA (Japan Air Cleaning Association) on April, Nutech 3000 THC & NMHC analyzer was presented to the visiting professionals, researchers and scientist.

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Nutech Attended IE Expo Shanghai 2021

As the most influential exhibition in Asia for environment protection products and solutions, IE Expo Shanghai attracts tens of thousands of professionals in environment protection filed. Nutech Instruments, as a reputable manufactures for VOCs analytical instruments, attended this fair and presented our solutions for lab, online and portable applications.

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Nutech Instruments Presents New Products on Guangzhou IE Expo 2019

Nutech has made a successful presence at the IE Expo 2019 at Guangzhou. This is a important campaign to enhance our market presence at Asia Pacific region. We showcased our portfolios in air sample lab solution, online VOCs anlysis solutions and portable analyzer for methame and NMHC, especially our

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Nutech Perfect First Show in IE Expo China 2019

Nutech made a perfect first show at 2019 IE Expo in Shanghai. At this exhibition, Nutech released a new generation of laboratory preparation system for ambient air analysis, including 8910 Preconcentrator, 2104 Canister Cleaning System, 2203 High Precision Diluter, 3610 Autosampler, and so on.

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Nutech Shows New Products at TCEQ’s AECE 2019

From October 8 to 10, 2019, TCEQ's Autumn Environmental Conference and Expo(AECE) was held at Palmer Events Center in Austin, Texas. The AECE combined the former Advanced Air Permitting and Water Quality/Stormwater Seminars. This event provides engineers, environmental managers, consultants, and the regulated community updates on permitting rules,

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