Nutech 8910 Ambient Air Preconcentrator for VOCs Analysis_2

8910 Preconcentrator

The Nutech 8910 preconcentrator is the successor of Nutech’s classic model 8900DS. It has the most advanced hardware and software with unique features for the analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) listed in U.S EPA Methods TO-14A and TO-15A. Functionality and longevity were the main goals in the development of Nutech’s ambient air preconcentrator.

It is suitable for the ambient air sample preconcentration in VOCs analysis which is widely adopted by environmental monitoring stations, 3rd party testing organizations, universities and research institutes and related companies.

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Nutech 3610 Autosampler 2

3610 Autosampler

The Nutech 3610 autosampler features 16 inlet positions that bring Nutech’s automated analysis capabilities to a wide variety of vacuum sampling canisters and Tedlar® bags. The 3610 autosampler easily connects to our 8900DS/8910 Preconcentrator for the automated analysis of VOCs in canisters with US EPA TO-14A, TO-15A and China EPA HJ 759-2015 and HJ 1078-2019 requirements.

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Nutech 2104 Canister Cleaning System

2104 Canister Cleaning System

The cleanliness of the canister is very critical to the overall accuracy of the detection of VOCs in the sample.

EPA Methods TO-14A and TO-15 require sampling devices be clean down to sub-ppbv level.  The newly release EPA TO-15A dictates a much more strict requirement on the cleanliness of the canister than TO-15 published in 1999: from 0.2 ppbv at 30 psig to ≤0.020 ppbv (≤20 pptv) at 0 psig. The 2104 canister cleaning system is suitable for meeting these requirements. It is able to clean SUMMA canisters of various sizes (1/3/6/15L) as well as Tedlar bags.

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Nutech 2203 Precision Static Dilutor

2203 Precision Static Dilutor

Nutech 2203 precision static dilutor is suitable for diluting high concentration gas standards into low concentration working gas standards, making the process automated and reproducible. It is widely used in laboratory standard gas configuration.

The 2203 is also suitable for diluting high concentration gas samples to fall within the calibration range of the analytical instrument.

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Nutech 7000 NMHC Analyzer

7000 NMHC Analyzer

The Nutech 7000 NMHC Analyzer is applicable to laboratory analysis of methane and non-methane total hydrocarbons in ambient air or an industrialplant perimeter (sampled in Summa canisters).

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