VOCs analysis has strict quality requirements for instrument components, auxiliary products, especially key components in direct contact with samples. Choosing suitable and high standard instrument components or auxiliary products is not only helpful to prolong the service life of products, but also an indispensable guarantee to obtain objective, accurate and stable analysis data. Based on this, Nutech provides quality assurance for users with factory supporting products/consumables spare parts to ensure that users get a good operating experience.

Nutech Sampling Canister
Tedlar Bag
Standard Gas

SUMMA Air Sampling Canister

Specifications: 0.45/1/3/6/15L

SUMMA Air Sampling Canisters are used for the collection of TO-14 and TO-15 compounds, as well as all other air samples. The canisters are the most important part of the whole air VOC analysis.

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Tedlar Bag

Specifications: 0.5/1.0/3.0/5.0/10.0L

DuPont PVF material, excellent chemical resistance, solubility and pollution resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, not affected by conventional solvents at normal temperature, suitable for industrial waste gas sampling.

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Standard Gas




Traceable to NIST, quality assurance, and configurable according to requirements.

Capillary Flow Controller

Used to control the sampling flow of Nutech 2701 portable air sampler

Canister Pressure Gauge

Used to monitor the pressure of sampling canister

2701 Sampling Timer

Accessory of 2701 portable air sampler. Used to control the sampling time.

Sampling Tube for Nutech Portable Air Sampler

Soil Sampler

With capsule type and syringe type.

Used to collect, store and transfer undisturbed soil according to US EPA 5035 method.

Sampling Tube for Nutech Portable Air Sampler

For 2701, 2702 and 2703 portable air sampler.